My Story

Born in the land of the rising sun. Grew up studying English in Ohio, USA and in Ontario, Canada. Fluent in English and in Japanese. 

Being surrounded by two different cultures my entire life has given me a perspective of the world that is different from the rest. It brings creativity and individualism to the work I do and the things I love. 

A Computer Programming Major at Georgian College Barrie Campus in Ontario, Canada. A photographer, videographer and journalist at SkateSlate Japan. A team rider for Vulgar

I travel the world to be in contact with different cultures and to capture moments of what others might see as nothing. Finding meaning in all the small things makes tomorrow worth waiting for. 

Pfeiffer C. Edquist

She brings me joy on the cloudiest of days.

Fragile yet strong. Shy yet expressive. 

Loves life in all forms and in the sea of stars, I was the lucky one to be called her's.