2 Days Left


2 Days before I head back to Tokyo.

Niseko has treated me well with the amount the crazy amount of snow, amazing people and good food. Travelling to go snowboarding all over Hokkaido was an amazing experience - we hit everything from powder, groomers, park to urban. The experience I gained through this job will be used to develop my own creative style. 


On April 03, I'm meeting up the boys in Osaka to our Spring Japan Tour. 

I'll leave the iternerary below so you can keep up with where I am on those days. 

I'll update when I can but until then, chão.

Japan Trip Spring 2018

Yuji - Ben - Ryan - Mike - Dylan - Jack

Osaka/Kyoto (03~05)

Day 1 (Osaka) : Osaka Castle -> Ame-Mura -> Namba -> DoutonBori
Day 2 (Kyoto) : Shimizu Temple -> Kinkakuji Temple -> Gion Street
Day 3(Kyoto) : Arashiyama -> Fushimi-Inari Temple -> Grandparent’s Place

Yokkaichi / Ise (06)

Early AM : Drive to Ise
Ise Temple -> Meoto Rock -> FERRY @ 17:30 (latest) to Irago
*We’ll drive through the Night to Fuji-Q Highlands

Fuji-Q HighLands (07)

Oh fuck yea.
Onsen -> Camp around Mt.FUji @ Night

KamaKura (08)

Kamakura Buddha -> Hokoku Temple (aka Bamboo Temple) -> Yokohama Ramen Museum
Drive to Yuji’s Home  

ToKyo (09~14)

Shinjuku - Shibuya - Harajuku - Roppongi - Asakusa - Akihabara - Daiba


Thought to myself -> "I should make these blogs more useful eh?"